BSP Rewards' Co-Branded Partner Program

Benefit from the Global Economy – BSP Rewards provides you with an innovative way to benefit from global online consumer spending. By partnering with BSP Rewards, your customers receive valuable Cash Back and savings on qualifying purchases at thousands of the most popular online stores, representing millions of products, from your own online shopping site. When your customers shop, they generate money for you . . . up to an outstanding 30% revenue share on commissionable products. It’s that simple…no surprises everybody benefits!

BSP Rewards' Co-Branded Partner Program

Not only do we provide the best Cash Back, coupons, discounts and savings, we also focus on an exceptional customer experience. Customers will be provided with interesting, educational and always entertaining messaging customized to their specific online interests. A satisfied customer refers other customers and we encourage that behavior!

When your existing customers refer your site, your brand goes viral - and now you are really benefiting from the global economy!

By providing your customers with an additional reason to visit your own website, you build further engagement and attraction to your products and services. Your BSP Rewards e-commerce site is an extension of your brand and builds loyalty by giving your customers a valuable reason to return to your website over and over again.

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Our Multi-Channel E-Commerce Site Introduces Another Exciting Tool to be released soon!

SaveMate® Browser Extension – Your customers never have to worry about missing a Cash Back opportunity and if they forget to login directly through your site, you never have to worry about lost commissions. SaveMate® is a simple tool that guarantees that when Cash Back is available from a store that we partner with, you and your customers will get it!

A Full Suite Of Features That Build Loyalty

Your BSP Rewards website provides a full suite of features designed to build loyalty; tailored to meet your customers’ needs. You can remain completely focused on your primary business while we work 24/7 on meeting and exceeding the ever-changing demands and expectations of your customers with the latest online features and functionality.

BSP Rewards' Co-Branded Partner Program
  • State-Of-The-Art Online Shopping Website

    State-Of-The-Art Online Shopping Website

    A state-of-the-art online shopping website with your own brand identity featuring thousands of well-known brands and millions of products and services. Customers save and get paid with every purchase, and receive discounts and coupons.
  • Travel


    Travel is the most rapidly growing segment in all of e-commerce and with your own co-branded site offering multiple Travel booking options, you are positioned to participate in this global market.
  • Customer Messaging

    Customer Messaging

    Messages to your customers will be fun, informative and practical. They are designed to heighten buying awareness and interest without appearing aggressive or intrusive.
  • Gamification & Global VIP Rewards

    Gamification & Global VIP Rewards

    Customers can join at the free Basic Level or they can join the Global VIP Rewards that provides even greater value and access to specials not to be found anywhere else.
  • Customer Referrals

    Customer Referrals

    Happy customers refer family and friends and we will reward them for this. When this happens, your online business goes global and your brand and revenue go viral!

BSP Rewards has an easy process for becoming a Partner

  1. Gamification & Global VIP Rewards


    Register Below
  2. Gamification & Global VIP Rewards


    Complete the Profile - This step requires the Partner to input basic company information
  3. Gamification & Global VIP Rewards


    For this step, the Partner provides its company logo and any additional information that helps our creative team create the best possible image for your Partner site
  4. Gamification & Global VIP Rewards


    An Account Manager will review the Profile and Setup Information and contact you if further information is required
  5. Gamification & Global VIP Rewards


    The Account Manager will notify you when your website is complete and ready for activation

Partner Success Strategy

We have taken an additional step to invest in our Partners’ success. At BSP Rewards, we believe that Partners should be rewarded for their ongoing, extraordinary marketing efforts to register their customers, and we are happy to provide the incentive! The highest possible earnings are paid to Partners who pursue the program aggressively and register the most customers.

A newly registered “for profit” or “not for profit” Partner will always be eligible to receive a very generous revenue share of 30% on all Global VIP Rewards membership sales to its customers as well as on qualified customer online purchases.

Partner Program Setup Fees are as follows;

The setup fee for the BSP Rewards Partner Program is $3995 USD / €3635 / $5355 AUD / 270,000 INR.

The annual renewal fee is $495 USD / € 452 EURO / AUD $665 / 34,000 INR.

BSP understands the fact that non-profits have very limited budgets but feel it is very important to support them and their communities. Therefore, a non-profit Partner will not be charged the above setup fee or renewal fee as long as it provides documentation confirming its not-for-profit status and further, abides by all of the marketing guidelines provided by BSP Rewards.