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BSP Rewards hosts more than 2000 corporate and non-profit co-branded Partner Programs in over 60 countries, who have customers in 100 countries worldwide. Our Partner Programs serve all market sectors and industries from financial institutions to telecommunications, sports teams to charitable organizations. Your company or organization can easily integrate our e-commerce solution into your marketing platform without any disruption to your core business operations. There is no reason not use our global shopping program as everyone worldwide is already shopping online today! It’s a safe bet that your entire community is already shopping online, why shouldn’t you take advantage and earn from this same shopping?

The BSP Rewards Partner Program is your gateway to the prestigious, consumer-centric shopping technology platform that provides participating organizations a professional, reliable co-branded web presence. The BSP Rewards Partner Program makes it easy for companies and organizations to offer their customers, fans, donors, vendors and employees valuable Cash Back, discounts and coupons on qualifying purchases while they share in the revenue driven by those customer purchases.

BSP Rewards creates new funding avenues for non-profit organizations, remaining consistent with their brand and image and complementing the organization’s existing fundraising efforts. Donors appreciate that the non-profits they support are putting money “back into their pocket”.


BSP Rewards’ senior leadership brings together an in-depth knowledge of online marketing and are themselves industry-respected innovators in the online shopping space. Their expertise drives the vision of the company, with decades of collective experience. These are not just leaders but rather, hands-on, active participants in driving Partner strategy. The complementary nature of this team defines the role of management in its finest form, each providing respective expertise in marketing, strategic partnering, corporate strategy, customer behavior, business development, loyalty and online promotional campaigns to name a few. This ensures that BSP Partners continue to receive a world-class advantage by addressing a wide range of their needs and requirements at the company’s highest level. That is why once a Partner joins BSP, they remain a Partner year after year.

Michael Hansen

Founder, CEO and Director of Ominto, Inc. Michael Hansen

Michael Hansen is the Founder of the Company, Chief Executive Officer and a Director. Since ...
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Alex Petrilak

Executive Vice President, Partner Programs Alex Petrilak

Prior to joining the company as a consultant in February 2013, Mr. Petrilak spent 12 years as ...
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Bicky Carlra

Executive Vice President, Business Strategy Bicky Carlra

Mr. Carlra joined the company following a 30-year career in the travel industry, where he ...
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Fiona is an experienced lawyer and General Counsel with over 17 years legal and compliance ...
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Michael Hansen is the Founder of the Company, Chief Executive Officer and a Director. Since inception, Mr. Hansen has continued as the company’s chief strategist and conceptual developer, areas in which he has been recognized globally for his unusually innovative style. Mr. Hansen earned his reputation for creativity and strategic conceptualization early in his career. His early professional experience included a variety of internationally recognized creative environments. Mr. Hansen holds a degree in mechanical engineering and in the late eighties and early nineties worked as a developer for the Danfoss Group. Later, he was recruited by LEGO and was responsible for theme world development spending much of his time designing and creating the highly successful Space LEGO product line. Space LEGO later evolved into the popular Star Wars product line which remains a best seller still today. In 1996, he commenced his entrepreneurial career by developing a successful chain of Mexican-themed franchise restaurants which he sold in 1999 to pursue a career in the Network Marketing industry. His initial experience in Network Marketing included achieving the highest position at two US-based Network Marketing companies, in both telecommunications and financial services. Mr. Hansen founded the company in 2003 to take advantage of the early stages of online trading and combined it with the benefits of the Network Marketing distribution model.

Prior to joining the company as a consultant in February 2013, Mr. Petrilak spent 12 years as Managing Director of Marketing Systems Management Inc., a management consulting firm providing C-level leadership and operational advisory services to diverse organizations resulting in $750 million in sales, funding and strategic partnerships. With over 30 years of experience in direct and supervisory selling, his expertise is in high volume B2B and B2C sales in the public, private, government and non-profit sectors. Mr. Petrilak's background has focused on employing full cycle business development that accelerates profitable growth through innovative sales-marketing and operational management strategies. His clients have included domestic and international high growth organizations covering multiple industries. Earlier in his career, he was the Director of Marketing for Price Waterhouse where he was responsible for the design and implementation of the PW Consulting Services program for Fortune 500 and Middle Market companies. He also worked at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets as an analyst, Southmark Financial Corporation as Vice President of Sales and Asset Management, and The Paragon Group as Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Development. Mr. Petrilak attended Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. studying International Economics and graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1972 with a BBA Marketing.

Mr. Carlra joined the company following a 30-year career in the travel industry, where he specialized in the Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions. Throughout his career, he has been involved in all areas of the travel industry including strategy, new business launches, development, management consulting, marketing and revenue analysis, mergers and acquisitions and developing start-up's within APAC & ME Regions. Mr. Carlra is responsible for developing and growing the company's travel relationships, focusing primarily on serving its global customers on a local level around the world and bringing them a full portfolio of travel services as well as developing new Business Development strategies and Partner Program relationships for the company in the MENA and APAC regions. Mr. Carlra is the Founder and Group President of TraVision. Since it was founded in 2007, TraVision launched several innovative online products and services including eTravelGalaxy, TravPerks, eTravelAcademy and projects involving strategy and development of niche online businesses for travel clients based on technology platforms. Earlier in his career, he spent four years as Managing Director and Senior Vice President-APAC & ME of TQ3 Travel Solutions, a TUI Germany owned Global Travel Management Company. From 1985-2002, Mr. Carlra held multiple positions within the Emirates Group, beginning his career with the airline a few weeks following its launch and later holding several management positions within the travel agency side of the business. He has led the development of several divisions at a regional level for a variety of companies, including Business Travel International, Event Management, Customer Loyalty and Marketing. A native of India, Mr. Carlra graduated in Business Administration and Management from Delhi University. Mr. Carlra authored the first book on travel management in Asia Pacific "At Face Value", and has the distinction of having spoken at several high profile travel conferences on five continents over the last decade.

Fiona is an experienced lawyer and General Counsel with over 17 years legal and compliance experience across various industry sectors and worldwide jurisdictions. She has worked as a lawyer in both private practice and in-house with global multinationals and publicly-listed companies, and has particular experience with developing, managing, and leading legal functions for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions. Fiona’s international legal experience is diverse, and includes working for US global multinational companies and publicly-listed companies, including Yahoo!, where she was Legal Director covering the Asia-Pacific region (and prior to that the Middle East and Africa region) handling a range of transactions and matters, within the internet/ICT sector. She was also Legal Director at Tabreed (a publicly-listed energy and utilities company), where she was responsible for establishing and leading the legal and compliance department, while handling a number of complex transactions, involving the restructuring and recapitalization of the group. Prior to joining Ominto, Fiona was the General Counsel and Company Secretary at a leading luxury jewelry retailer in the Middle East. Fiona commenced her legal career in Australia, where she worked as a legal officer at the Parliament of Victoria, and then moved into private practice where she worked as a corporate attorney for Australia’s leading firms, including Corrs Chambers Westgarth and DLA Piper. Fiona holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (Honors), and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Deakin University, Australia.

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Alex Petrilak

Alex Petrilak

Executive Vice President, Partner Programs - Contact For:
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Bicky Carlra

Bicky Carlra

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